Sunday Special: The Dessert Shop – this week

Hello my lovelies!… Woke up to another snowy morning today (note, no exclamation at the end, for obvious reasons). It has snowed so many times this winter, that it has drenched out all excitement and fun from the season. Although, I can’t go out and shop etc., it’s nice to be at home and relax for a change (not that I have much of an option). Continue reading “Sunday Special: The Dessert Shop – this week”


Best Chocolate Cupcakes Ever!


So, here I am, finally! So excited to be back to blogging from my break. But sometimes you need time like that. So much has happened and is happening in my life since I wrote the last post. And I can’t wait to share with you guys (the good details of course). Continue reading “Best Chocolate Cupcakes Ever!”

Clean Eating: Pancakes


Guys, ever since I started the fitness routine, I promised my self two things: one, that I will not starve (because, I turn into an uncontrollable beast when I do) and second, whatever healthy I eat should be tasty, period. So, with that in mind, I started looking for healthy recipes and made them delicious according to my taste buds. Continue reading “Clean Eating: Pancakes”