Clean Eating: Pancakes


Guys, ever since I started the fitness routine, I promised my self two things: one, that I will not starve (because, I turn into an uncontrollable beast when I do) and second, whatever healthy I eat should be tasty, period. So, with that in mind, I started looking for healthy recipes and made them delicious according to my taste buds. Continue reading “Clean Eating: Pancakes”


My Fitness Guru – Cassey Ho


This girl has been in my life for the last two years. She has made me smile, made me sweat, inspired me, motivated me, and above all, has made me strong. Her bright and cheerful personality has filled my days with colors, be it in the form of her vibrant nail colors or her lovely gym outfits which she keeps flaunting on the viewers, she just knows how to make someone’s day! Continue reading “My Fitness Guru – Cassey Ho”

Green, Greener, Greenest! – Why Go Organic?


Guys, I’m not a Go-Green faddist. It took me the whole last year to convince myself to cut down on cakes and sweets and add vegetables and fruits in my diet. And, as if, that wasn’t a challenge enough; I had to choose between Non-Organic and Organic at the grocery store. My head spins and I cringe at the very name of ‘Organic’.  Continue reading “Green, Greener, Greenest! – Why Go Organic?”


The Oatmeal Porridge

IMG_0573Breakfast, for me, is not just a meal. It’s a ritual. It’s the time of the day when I get a chance to reminisce over the past, celebrate the present and plan the future. It’s something that is solely done by me, for me. It’s when I get an opportunity to be grateful to God for blessing me with another of His beautiful days. Continue reading “The Oatmeal Porridge”