De-clutter Day 1: Clothes

Happy Monday people! And a very happy holiday! Hope you all are enjoying the lovely sun that came out today and melt away all the snow for us. Since, hubby was at home for the last two days, I got on to sorting house stuff with him. Because, call me anti-feminist (which I’m not in anyway) but his second opinion always makes life easier for me. So grab your cup of coffee, put on some nice music, may be lit up a candle or two, and say adios to that clutter. Continue reading “De-clutter Day 1: Clothes”


Spring Cleaning: 5 Days of Declutter Challenge

Since I’ve moved to my new place, I wanted to decorate it my way. But having a baby, was enough of a task already. Long story short, I never got time. This spring, the lovely flowers, the accent items in the shops etc. are tempting me to get into house decoration. I’ll go with one small corner at a time, but before jumping in on to decorate and bringing more stuff in, I have to tackle with what’s already in there and cluttering my space.

Continue reading “Spring Cleaning: 5 Days of Declutter Challenge”

My Little Green Oasis – Balcony Makeover Reveal

Balcony Makeover Reveal.jpg

It’s finally here!

My little green oasis, standing tall and proud, in it’s dedicated corner. Continue reading “My Little Green Oasis – Balcony Makeover Reveal”


Project Balcony: DIY Small Fountain


Guys, I’m gushing with excitement and overflowing with love for hubby. We had the most thrilling weekend, working on our first DIY for the Balcony project. Continue reading “Project Balcony: DIY Small Fountain”


Project Balcony: An Update

Project Balcony - An update.jpg

So guys, I’m slowly and gradually moving on with my Balcony Project (to know why I took up this project in the first place, please click here). I went to Ikea today and bought some basic stuff. I’ve decided to start with flooring first, Continue reading “Project Balcony: An Update”


Project – Balcony


I’ve always dreamt to wake up in a Garden, with bright colorful flowers and sweet fragrances around me. God has almost answered my prayers and has given me a bedroom-attached Balcony instead. So cool! isn’t it? Continue reading “Project – Balcony”


My Love for Everything Henna!!

When I was a young girl, every Eid, my daadi (grandmother) used to take me to get Mehndi (henna) applied on my hands. I used to be amused by the intricate designs, the floral patterns and the delicacy of the work. For me, those girls, sitting in Meena Bazaar were real artists – incredibly dexterous, with oodles of ideas in their minds. Continue reading “My Love for Everything Henna!!”