Playroom Essentials

This week I started with de-cluttering my kid’s room which desperately needs some urgent attention. The project went very well, Alhumdulillah. I got so much sorted, I sold some toys and took out tons to donate. I’m also very happy that in this process, my four year old learnt the meaning of ‘to Donate’. There was a time when he was really possessive and clingy to his stuff, but this time he himself came forward with toys to give away to other kids since he is not playing with them anymore.

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De-clutter Day 2: Kid’s Toy Room

As you guys know, I’m on a de-clutter binge. Actually, I’ve become somewhat like a freak, throwing away each and every junk item I come across. And why not? I’ve been postponing it for such a long time that now it was it! All my shelves, cabinets were oozing out stuff, but the toy room has been officially our junk yard.

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De-clutter Day 1: Clothes

Happy Monday people! And a very happy holiday! Hope you all are enjoying the lovely sun that came out today and melt away all the snow for us. Since, hubby was at home for the last two days, I got on to sorting house stuff with him. Because, call me anti-feminist (which I’m not in anyway) but his second opinion always makes life easier for me. So grab your cup of coffee, put on some nice music, may be lit up a candle or two, and say adios to that clutter. Continue reading “De-clutter Day 1: Clothes”

Sunday Special: The Dessert Shop – this week

Hello my lovelies!… Woke up to another snowy morning today (note, no exclamation at the end, for obvious reasons). It has snowed so many times this winter, that it has drenched out all excitement and fun from the season. Although, I can’t go out and shop etc., it’s nice to be at home and relax for a change (not that I have much of an option). Continue reading “Sunday Special: The Dessert Shop – this week”

Spring Cleaning: 5 Days of Declutter Challenge

Since I’ve moved to my new place, I wanted to decorate it my way. But having a baby, was enough of a task already. Long story short, I never got time. This spring, the lovely flowers, the accent items in the shops etc. are tempting me to get into house decoration. I’ll go with one small corner at a time, but before jumping in on to decorate and bringing more stuff in, I have to tackle with what’s already in there and cluttering my space.

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