Egg Mask – To Protect Hair Fall


Guys, since I’ve moved to Ireland, my hair – once shiny, long, full of life, have become dull, dry, lifeless strands. I really don’t know who to blame; the all-year long cold weather, the harsh hard water of Drogheda or the pregnancy after-effects. But whatever it is, has ruined my hair immensely. Continue reading “Egg Mask – To Protect Hair Fall”

The Rosie Love


Guys! I’m not a makeup enthusiast but these days I have a maaaaaajor crush. I’m visiting the M&S store time and again to reinforce my love for their new makeup line – ‘Rosie for Autograph’. Rosie Huntington – Whiteley , the famous lingerie model, has released her own makeup line in January this year. I’m head over heels for this collection and is recommending it to every other person I see these days. Continue reading “The Rosie Love”