Clean Eating: Pancakes


Guys, ever since I started the fitness routine, I promised my self two things: one, that I will not starve (because, I turn into an uncontrollable beast when I do) and second, whatever healthy I eat should be tasty, period. So, with that in mind, I started looking for healthy recipes and made them delicious according to my taste buds.

My all time, go-to healthy breakfast is oats, but sometimes, you need a change. This recipe, I got to know from a TV show. With little addition here and there, I changed it from boring-healthy to delicious-healthy! Here how it goes!

All you need is:


  1. Eggs – I took 2 you can take 1, but then, take half of the banana
  2. Banana – Just 1 (I know some of you will be like, Banana!!!! in weight-loss diet, but seriously guys, banana doesn’t increase weight, I’ve had a banana almost every day for the last 3 months and I’ve lost weight, hence proved, it’s a myth)
  3. Coconut Oil – 1 Tsp (If your coconut-oil bottle says things like; Organic, Pure, Virgin; consider it ‘better’)
  4. Honey – To drizzle on top
  5. Coco Powder, Desiccated Coconut and Cinnamon Powder – To be sprinkled on top
  6. Blueberry – Now, this is a personal preference. You can switch it with strawberry, pineapple or whatever fruit you have in hand. But, banana and blueberry are two great fruits for weight-loss (according to my gym instructor), so I’m going with that.


Put the eggs and the banana in a blender and blend it away!


O lala! perfect golden-brown pancake!

Now, comes the fun part. I roll the pancake and drizzle honey first, so that everything else sticks on it better. And then go crazy with the coco powder (since, chocolate is what I cannot live without), cinnamon powder (awesome for weight-loss) and desiccated coconut (cannot start my day without it). Now I add my favorite blueberries, where ever they like to sit better and enjoy!!

Nothing better than the sight of drizzling honey!


Enjoy it with your favorite tea…!

Do try and let me know how you like it. 🙂


Until next time!



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