New Beginnings

Good morning my lovelies!! Such a perfect sunny morning to break the ice (both metaphorically and literally, thanks to storm Emma which gave us some time to think and align our life goals). So, what dragged me back here? Continue reading “New Beginnings”


Friday Is Here!


Guys, the above picture is not my family of course (although, Mahid has all the potential to fly up in the air). Ok! so back to the serious-me. I was so looking forward to this weekend. It will be one nice, relax weekend at home, with very little or almost no going out. But I have some activities lined up and am really eager to carry them out.  Continue reading “Friday Is Here!”

Weekend Movie Recommendations


So, bank holiday is here, which means, time to relax and enjoy with family and friends for the next three days. In case, you are a stay-at-home kind of a person on the weekends (like hubby), you’ll be eager to get your hands on some good movies. I thought to compile a list of some movies that I’ve recently watched and would like to recommend. Might help you guys with the selection. Continue reading “Weekend Movie Recommendations”


5 Things I Learnt About Myself From Blogging

photo-1447914178647-198e7e4a70b5 (2)_edited.jpg

So, I’m five weeks into blogging now. With the exception of weekends and one day in a week here and there, I’m pushing myself to come up with a post almost every other day (honestly, it’s as hard as cracking a walnut with your teeth; if you’ve ever tried that by any chance, you would know the pain). This is what I’ve learnt about myself in this journey so far: Continue reading “5 Things I Learnt About Myself From Blogging”


The Parcel Reveal


No matter where you are in the world, nothing can bring such excitement as a parcel from homeland. It brings all those feelings of love and nostalgia, that no brand in the world can ever bring.  Continue reading “The Parcel Reveal”


Weekend Favorites

Weekend Favorites.jpg

So, Weekend just flew by and it’s Monday again. Thank God it was nice and relaxed. Watched a couple of movies on the weekend but Ki & Ka totally rocked it. Continue reading “Weekend Favorites”


Farm Fresh Daffodils


Spring is in the air. My town, Drogheda, is filled with flowers. You can see them everywhere, in the town-center, outside grocery shops, in grocery shops, in gardens and parks, outside houses and buildings. Continue reading “Farm Fresh Daffodils”