Day 3: Taking the Plunge – Scuba Diving in Kemare


As I flopped into the ice cold water, I felt adrenaline rushed through my body. I vividly recall telling myself to play it cool. Despite it was the first time I was diving in open water, I know a bit of swimming after all! Continue reading “Day 3: Taking the Plunge – Scuba Diving in Kemare”


Off and about County Donegal

11830768_10155974246175455_101754470_nIn Ireland, any public holiday that comes in the middle of the week is given on the Monday of the consecutive weekend. That weekend, is then called the long weekend or the Bank holiday weekend. Continue reading “Off and about County Donegal”

Vacation Finally!! – Day 2: The Dream Destination Killarney

Killarney is the Switzerland of Ireland. It is undoubtedly, the most favorite tourist destination in the country. People come here for all sorts of reasons. Be it sight-seeing, outdoor activities, food & entertainment or just relaxing. Its central location makes it the automatic start and end of Ring of Kerry and Dingle Peninsula. Hence, it is ideal to be based in for a few days, to explore the South-West. Continue reading “Vacation Finally!! – Day 2: The Dream Destination Killarney”

Vacation Finally!! – Day 1: Gap of Dunloe

In my two years in Ireland, I’ve never travelled so much as much as I’ve┬átravelled in the last few weeks. We planned to go to the South-West of Ireland and stay there for a couple of days. My husband booked a holiday home in a small town at the south of County Kerry, called Kenmare, which is 45 mins drive from the main Killarney town center. Most of the tourist attraction is in Killarney, and hence the decision to stay close to it. Continue reading “Vacation Finally!! – Day 1: Gap of Dunloe”