Friday Is Here!


Guys, the above picture is not my family of course (although, Mahid has all the potential to fly up in the air). Ok! so back to the serious-me. I was so looking forward to this weekend. It will be one nice, relax weekend at home, with very little or almost no going out. But I have some activities lined up and am really eager to carry them out. 


My balcony project which was going at a snail’s pace and has taken ages to complete, is now finally done and sitting there in it’s nice cozy corner, waiting for it to be explored by you guys. I’ll be posting the final Balcony Reveal on Monday. Hope you people are as thrilled as I am to show you my little green corner of the world!


I have to return some books that I borrowed from the library on the 19th of May. So, this weekend, I’m planning to devour on some reading. My first pick was the book by Harper Lee, ‘Go Set A Watchman’. It was already in my Want-To-Read list on Goodreads, so when I saw it in the library the other day, I picked it up in a microsecond, i.e. before anyone else could have their hands on my book.


Hubby has ordered for me a new camera lens from US. I’ll be getting it this Sunday insha-Allah. This is a 50mm prime lens, very basic, but yet very powerful. It’s perfect for a beginner like me. So I’m all excited from head to toe to have it in my life and hopefully take better pictures one day.


And finally, after all these cool things going on, a not-so-cool (yet the most important) project that I’m doing this weekend, is, potty-training Mahid. God help me in that! Yesterday was his first day without a nappy, and it was so full of accidents, that I almost gave up. But this weekend, I’m planning to be strong and will train him to use the bathroom like a ninja. Hope it works! Let me know of any tips you guys might have on my mighty project.

That’s it from me. What are you guys planning to do this weekend? Let me know.

Until next time!





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