5 Things I Learnt About Myself From Blogging

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So, I’m five weeks into blogging now. With the exception of weekends and one day in a week here and there, I’m pushing myself to come up with a post almost every other day (honestly, it’s as hard as cracking a walnut with your teeth; if you’ve ever tried that by any chance, you would know the pain). This is what I’ve learnt about myself in this journey so far:

1. I work best under pressure.

Last year, when I first started blogging, I comfortably agreed on two posts a week, which later turned into one post and finally diminished. This year, I started with the aim of posting daily. And guess what, my mind is an avalanche of ideas. The more content I generate, the more ideas keep floating in. I am coming up with more topics than before. The pressure of posting every single day, is making my mind work in the most unexpected way.

2. I work best in the morning.

All my life, I thought I was nocturnal. My mind works best at night. Even though mum used to keep telling us to study early morning, I always keep explaining her my biological cycle, which is freaking awesome at night. But not so much. Blogging has made me realize that I’m such a morning person (and by morning, of course I don’t imply 6 or 7 AM but something like 11 to 1 PM, which is still early morning for me). My mind works at it’s full potential at that time and I come up with the most witty and interesting content.

3. I’m so confused between ‘then’ and ‘than’.

I never knew that a simple thing such as the use of ‘then’ and ‘than’ can confuse me so much. Seriously! what is the problem with English? Although, it’s not my native language, still, I think I’m quite good with it. But, whenever these two little devils appear in a sentence, the decision to pick one of them, is as hard as picking your favorite child if you have two. It becomes even more disastrous, when you end up forgetting the sentence you were writing. Now, I’ve decided to type everything first and later go through all my then and than-s. So next time you read my blog-post, you know what to ignore.

4. I’m so technologically impaired.

You know how big is Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter etc for bloggers. Still, I cringe at the very name of all these technologically advanced medium of communication. Who wants to know about all the useless, boring details of your life (like your shower routine, shopping routine etc.). Or may be, it’s just the force of Inertia acting upon me and not letting me change my state of ultimate rest. The other day my friend told me about Periscope, but I conveniently ignored her suggestion (another thing to learn..naaaah :S you might check if you want). I’m still far from learning Snapchat. Instagram, is however, okay. I’ve already been posting pics on it, so it was just a continuation of what I was already doing, but with a little more passion.

5. I never knew taking pictures of milk and eggs and bananas would be so much fun.

When I first started taking interest in Photography, I wanted to take pictures of flowers and birds and beautiful scenery. Blogging photography, gave me a chance to take the most ordinary, not-so-exciting things in life and make them look gorgeous and interesting. It has it’s own challenges though, but at the end of the day you get to learn so much more. I’m not ready for self portraits just yet. I don’t want to take scary pictures of me, standing at a dull, dark corner of a room, making strange, constipated faces for the readers and doing styling blogs with year old clothes in my wardrobe (which I’m always planning to throw by the way).

Anyway, that’s me. Let me know about the most interesting thing that you’ve learnt about yourself in this exciting venture.

Until next time!






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