Project Balcony: DIY Small Fountain


Guys, I’m gushing with excitement and overflowing with love for hubby. We had the most thrilling weekend, working on our first DIY for the Balcony project.

I got the inspiration from Pinterest and immediately fell in love with the idea of a small fountain for the balcony. It was absolutely gorgeous and goes with my theme of a serene, tranquil environment. The soothing sound of falling water was just the thing. The project itself was super easy and does not require a fortune to implement. Also, once you are done with the fountain in the balcony, you can conveniently move it in and put it in a corner of your foyer or the bathroom if you want to give it a spa look. It was a job to convince hubby, but once he bought my idea, he was jumping with excitement all over the place.

So moving on, these are the things you need to make it for your home:

A water pump – This is the one most important thing for this project. It took me a while to search for this in our DIY shops, but either it was not available or was very expensive. So, I ordered it online from Amazon. Here’s the link. You can get all the fancy ones as well, with the solar charging system, LED lights and what not. But I just went with the simplest one and it worked just fine.

Next we needed terracotta pots. I find the Homebase Garden Center to be a real help. They have a huge range of pots and all very economical. I took a big pot (23cm) and a small one (15cm) and the two saucers to go with them. For the third tier, I used a bird feed tray that I bought from Dealz a while back. The terracotta base was however quite hard to find, so I used a plastic faux terracotta tray instead.

Some other things needed: were the pipe, pebbles, a file, a drill (borrowed from neighbor) and a plant in a pot.

Garden Center Pots

Pots at Garden Center

Once, we were done with all our shopping, we came back and set everything up, just to see how well it sets.


I then soaked my terracotta pots and saucer in water for 2 hours. Meanwhile, I went to the gym. You can do the same, no pressure.. lolz


After the pots and saucer were a little soft, we started with drilling a hole in the center of our top saucer. The pots had a hole in the center already, happy days!

The top and bottom saucer both needed to be filed in order to make a notch in the lip.

Tip: Make the notch as narrow as possible, so that the water gushes out with pressure to fall on the lower tier (hello, physics :P)

The file we are using here, did not work very well, it’s better to have a round file or to just use the drill (if you have a powerful drill like that)


Connect one end of the pipe to the pump and bring the other end out of the pot and then the saucer. Leave half an inch of the pipe, coming out of the saucer. You can use silicon glue over here, in case your pipe is a tad smaller than the hole. But since our pipe fits perfectly, we din’t use any silicon glue.

Love hubby for helping me out with my project

Next, we set everything up, plugged in the pump, and bam!

I used an inverted saucer to hide the water oozing out of the pipe on the top tier.

To listen to the most soothing, gorgeous sound of the fountain, please click on my Instagram link here, since wordpress is misbehaving and not letting me upload any video.

Drop in your comments here (below the blog) and let me know if you love, like, don’t like, hate??

Time required: 2 hours for soaking, 1 hour for preparing the pots and saucers (only if you don’t break a saucer while filing and have to wait till the next day to get a new one)

Cost: Almost, €15 for the pump (with the pound conversion and shipping etc.), Pots and Saucers €8, Tray €8.5, Pebbles €1.49, Bird feed tray €1.49.

Until next time!



7 thoughts on “Project Balcony: DIY Small Fountain

  1. This is genius! I stumbled upon your blog while searching for balcony gardening related blogs, and this DIY water fountain for a porch is awesome. I’m going to bookmark it and maybe someday even dare to make it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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