Travel Bucket List 2016


Guys, we all know those places, the ‘Omg! I always want to go there…’ kind of places. Then there are those, which are clicking with the world at a certain time and everyone wants to travel there and so do you. 

Let’s see the destinations I keep dreaming about these days

Pink Garden Japan:


This place speaks for itself. While Ireland has a ton of cherry blossom trees as well, but nothing like stepping in a Pink Garden!! Actually, me and hubby are thinking more and more to travel to Japan in the coming years. Me, because, I’m in love with Cherry Blossoms. He, because, he is obsessed with Japanese cars and think about them while walking, eating, drinking, sleeping etc etc.

Blue City Morocco:


Although, my love for Morocco is nothing new, however, this Blue City is a recent discovery. I’m getting to see this place in various blogs and on facebook. Where was this gem of a place hidden before? I’m always this (and by this I mean; from the tip of my index finger to the tip of my thumb, when my hand is in a weird bird form) close to travelling Morocco, but somehow something always comes up. Now with the Blue City there, all the more reason to go!

Black Beaches Iceland:


Ever since I saw this movie ‘Dilwale’, with my favorite SRK and Kajol, romancing on the black beaches of Iceland, I so want to go there. Also, Iceland is trending you guys. I don’t know if they have made their visa process easy or something, people are going crazy for Iceland and so am I!

Red Land China:


China is beautiful as it is, and now with this red land discovered, it has captured the hearts of travelers around the globe. Dongchuan Red Earth, is a district in the rustic Yunnan province of China. Would be awesome to spend my stay-cations there, surrounded by this beautiful scenery.

The Lego Land Denmark:


Did you know that Danes invented Lego? Of course, having so many colors around, what could be better than a vibrant brick game. With Danes voted as the ‘happiest people in the world’, everyone wants to go there. Specially, if you have a kid who loves Lego since he was an year old. A must-go for me!

So where are you guys planning to go this summer? Tell me all about it?

Until next time!




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