A Word About Face Cleansers

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For me, cleaning my face, is as important as drinking water. And though I might go out without drinking water, I never go out without cleaning my face. I think, its the bare minimum I can do to look presentable, since I hardly ever put makeup on (except for special occasions, parties etc.).

Over the years, I have perfected my skin cleansing routine. I started with trial and error (read; stealing cleansing products from my sister’s makeup bag, till I finally like one and buy it for myself). In this blog-post I will talk about the various types of cleansing products that I’ve used over the years and how I find them.

Foaming Facial Wash:  I recall using this type of facial wash since I’m washing my face by myself. I hardly remember ever using soap on my face, although I loved the lathery texture that the soap produce. I kinda had this feeling that soap is bad for my skin. The facial wash that I always used back home is the Clean & Clear facial wash. Love the foam, love the lather, and the super neat&clean feel it leaves you with. However, my skin was never the soft, shiny, illuminating kind which I always dreamt of.

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Cleansing Balm: A few years back, I saw this video on Youtube, by Lisa Eldridge, in which she spoke about cleansing oils & balms for face. It was the most trending skin product then. I was so tired of my dull skin, that I quickly dived in the cleansing balms zone and got one for me from Boots. The Botanics Cleansing Balm, that Lisa recommended, looked like Vaseline. She suggested, to do a mini face massage, daily, maybe while sitting leisurely in front of the TV or just wherever, whatever feels right. So I did that for a week, but honestly, nothing felt right. The balm was so greasy and oily, left my face like the left-over from an Indian curry. The instructions said, to wipe off your face with a warm wet cloth at the end of the massage. No matter, how many clothes I used, or how much warm the clothes were, the grease won’t go and the oil-well (read: my-face) won’t stop spitting oil. So, after one week, I banished it out of my life and tried to delete all the memories of the product.


Cleansing Cream: Those who follow my blog, knows how I became a skin-care freak a few months back. In case, you have missed on the great story lolz, read here, and more on my skincare routine here. I welcomed the world of beauty, skin and hair care products with all my heart & soul. It was then, that I started looking for a good cleanser once again. No matter how much the You-tubers or the bloggers kept on rambling about the cleansing oils, I know they were not for me. So I kept them out of my way. Foaming facial wash, were again what I was using already, but not getting the results and so was not happy with. Hours of Pinterest-ing, finally paid off, when I got to know about Cleansing Creams. Actually, I also got to know about them from my bff-of-all-times. She was using an Estee Lauder cleansing cream, which used to leave her face super soft and glowy and what not. But me, being loyal to my beauty brand, The Body Shop, ventured on the cleansing creams that they have to offer. Body Shop had a huge range, from Tea Tree to Pomegranate, Vitamin E to Vitamin C, they cater all age groups and all skin types. Again, the question of what will work for me? I got to know, that they are doing an Aloe Vera range as well. Since, at that time, I was so into Aloe Vera (reading about its benefits for health etc), also was having Aloe Vera water in the morning (that being another story altogether), I decided to go with it. It felt like cotton candy on my skin, literally! Making it so soft and smooth like a baby’s bottom… Lolz. But, in all seriousness, it’s a great product. You just apply a bit on your dry face, massage it on your skin, leave it for a few minutes and then wipe it off with a warm damp cloth (well you can wipe it off with a cold damp cloth as well, but I like giving myself a little steam there with warm damp cloth). And Voila!

And that’s how I met my soulmate in the face cleansers category!





How Often Do I Cleanse: Well, if I’m not lazy, then twice a day (morning and night). But, the experts recommend to use two cleansers, one mild, for morning routine and a deeper cleansing one, for night.

Am I only using Cleansing Creams: Yes, I have totally said good-bye to all other facial cleansers that I had. So much so, that if for any reason, I could not cleanse with the cream I just splash water on my face and wait till I get time to use the cleansing cream. But yea I’m not going back, Never!

Cleansing is the single most important thing that you can do for your skin, so make sure you get it right!

Until next time!

Keep Shining you Beauties!


P.S.: The reviews above, are my own experiences with the products. You might or might not feel the same as I did, and might have totally different experience then me (depends on your skin type, weather etc.)




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