Kids Guide – Summer Camp Fair


This Saturday, me and hubby din’t have much to do at home. So, we decided to head out with our friends/colleagues/neighbors to a kids-event they were already planning to go. My friend, sent me the facebook invite for the event which was happening in Dublin, at National Maritime Museum of Ireland. This was supposed to be the first annual kids fair for summer camps around Ireland. All the best camps that are to happen this year had their stalls set up under one roof. I was pretty excited, since I din’t know anything about camping and its activities before. I thought it’s worth a visit, specially when the entrance is free. All the more reason to go!

To be honest, I wasn’t very thrilled, when I first entered the hall. There were lots of stalls, lots of people and lots of darkness (something like a concert). The first thing that caught my eye, was the interior of the church building, which was quite impressive.



There was a lot of hustle bustle, with kids running around the hall, all cheerful and excited. A face painting stall was set up at one corner of the room. My friend went to inquire about it, but the queue was so long that we lost all hope and moved to the next stall.


All the camping companies had their brochures ready to give to the visitors. Some even had their pictures from last year up on LED Screens.

Since, I’m living in Drogheda, I was interested in a camp close to my place. This one camp, Wooly Ward’s Farm, is located close to Swords and is almost half an hour drive from Drogheda. They had some cuddly rabbits on their stall, which instantly made me hug one. So soft and furry, I wish I could bring it home and cuddle it all day.


The Wooly Ward’s Farm is actually quite educative for kids. They have a 5 day ‘Animal Care’ learning camp. Besides, teaching animal handling, they also have other activities like cookery, arts & crafts and other outdoor activities. However, its for kids above 6 years of age, and hence doesn’t apply to Mahid. Actually, all the camps were for older kids, the youngest they would take, is at least a 3 years old. So, I have to wait another year to send Mahid to a camp. Apparently, the response was so good for this camp, that they ran out of all the brochures (can you blame the visitors after keeping such cuddly rabbits at your stall). I had to take a picture of the brochure, to remind myself next year. So if anyone is interested here you go!

The last brochure!
Mahid presenting his trophy! Well done ma boiii!!
Ammar (Mahid’s friend) in his naughty smile!

What I like about the Event: It was a very good effort by the organizers. I like that parents and kids got to know about all the various camps and the different activities they offer. You can decide there and then, what your kids would like to do and can register for the camping. Also, most of the companies were offering discounted rates if your enroll with them in the event. For those who missed, you can still check out the website of the organizers here.

What I don’t like about the Event: The selection of the location wasn’t very good. It was a dark and overcrowded hall. Considering it was a kid’s event, it should have been set up in an outdoor, bright and spacious environment, where kids would get ample room to go around and enjoy themselves.

Some more pics.


The famous Teddy’s Ice cream van!
Kids not in the mood to share their ice creams with us 😦

Overall, it was a day worth spent and an event worth going to!

Until next time!



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