Trending: 10 Must-Haves of the Season


The other day I was walking in the mall (well actually, running after Mahid like a crazy mad woman) when I noticed that every other girl I come across is in Sneakers. Also, these are no ordinary sneakers, but as my friend put it, Micheal Jackson Sneakers. Lolz… just because they are in Gold and Silver, doesn’t mean they can only be Micheal Jackson’s. I gave my heart out to one in Aldo, but she wont stop laughing and I had to put them back. But seriously, in case you don’t have a crazy friend like that, just go for them! They are  awesome and can be pulled off with just any dress. Here’s one from Primadonna




So, I’ve been seeing this Fedora Hat for a while now. It was in fashion in winters and has carried through in Spring. Such class!


One thing that is making me so happy these days, is the jeans. It has finally de-skinnied, got relaxed, lose fitted and cropped at the very end. Will look gorgeous with those sneakers.


There’s never been a time when stripe tops was out of fashion. Stripe shirts are like blank canvas. They can be paired up with solid colors or with bold prints. Options are limitless!


Guys, I’ve not just been raving about Rosie Huntington’s makeup line for no reason. It’s really the most talked-about right now. To read more about it click here.


Spring is all about colors, and what’s more exciting then splashing some on your nails. Colorful Nails are so in these days and people are in super-creative mode using sticky tapes and what not. By the way, how is the idea of a 5 day nail art series for you guys?

Source: Pinterest

Backpack is back with a bang! I love the sleek and tidy look of leather backpacks. Such comfort packed in so much style. Loving it! Also, notice the shoes!


It’s been months since I’m noticing this Flamingo Craze, and it’s not going anywhere. Infact it is growing and growing. First, the flamingos were in parks and now they’ve come to our homes, on our cushions and pillows, slowly making their way to our shoes, next thing we know they will takeover our world. Believe you me!

Source: Pinterest

While it’s so hard to say that a particular type of sunglasses is in fashion, yet the Round-glasses are everywhere to be seen.


And finally the Novelty bags. I’m sure they are not for everyone, but in case you can handle the awesomeness then go for them! Saw this blog in the morning, loved the way she is carrying the bag!


So what are you getting this season?

Until next time!

Happy Weekend!! 🙂




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