The Parcel Reveal


No matter where you are in the world, nothing can bring such excitement as a parcel from homeland. It brings all those feelings of love and nostalgia, that no brand in the world can ever bring. 

So guys without much delay, say hello to my soulmate since forever – the Khussa. I’ve been wearing these all my life, and I don’t think I’ll ever give up on them. They have the class of their own. From simple, monotone-type, to vibrant, embroidered-type, they come in all forms and sizes. You can pull them off with trousers, jeans, maxi dresses etc. And don’t be surprised if you see me wearing the same pair in town and in parties, ‘cuz they are all-rounders like that! You can check-out more over here and here, they are absolutely gorgeous, very reasonably priced and guess what, can be delivered world-wide! 🙂

Hello Gorgeous!!
The front 
The back

I’m trying to get hold of some accessories these days. Since, I take a head scarf, necklace and earrings don’t do much for me. So I decided to stick with some wrist accessories. What could be better than our desi bangles. Mum, sent me some very traditional ones which I just adore. The best thing about them, is that they are metal, instead of glass (‘cuz that could be dangerous with Mahid around). Have a look!

The classy Golden Bangles


The mix of colors, can go with any dress!

I’ve taken just so many pictures of these, need to throw them out here please 

I was after this beauty blender was so long, and finally I own one 🙂 Also, since the airline broke my eye Kajal (which ended up in the blackness smearing all over my makeup kit 😦 need to vent this out); I was in desperate need of a new Kajal. This one is from Saeed Ghani; they deal with natural beauty products (you can check their facebook page here).




Recently, my sister, went to Saudi Arabia for Umrah. She brought this amazingly cute prayer mat for me. It is the perfect rose-pink and has come in a matching pink bag as well. Haven’t felt so girly in ages!

The bag, which is about to be my next signature bag
The prayer mat
Souvenir from Saudi 

By the way, mum and dad have also sent Eid dresses for Mahid and hubby, which I’m not gonna reveal at the moment. But the one thing I really love, is his tiny Eid shoes. These are our traditional Peshawari Chappal (Sandal). You can check them out here. They come in so many different shapes, colors and sizes. Just love them!

Peshawari Chappal

Tell me what do you like best? I’m so excited already!!


Until next time!



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