Weekend Favorites

Weekend Favorites.jpg

So, Weekend just flew by and it’s Monday again. Thank God it was nice and relaxed. Watched a couple of movies on the weekend but Ki & Ka totally rocked it. Although they took the concept a bit too far, (like wife putting mangal-sutar on husband (see the image below)? Now, that was going overboard with the whole house-husband idea). But other than that, it was a good watch. Also, Kareena’s dressing was to die for. She brilliantly carried the corporate look and came out of our chamak-challu look for once which was a breather.

Source: bollywoodlife.com 


It’s been a while now since we are ordering from this new place in town,  Benny’s Chicken (you can find them here). We have tried their burgers, shawarmas, grill wraps etc.etc. But after all the tests and trials, me and hubby have stuck to their Shawarma wraps with some fried chicken on the side.Oh! Mahid totally loves it as well!

Drool all you want!!

Alcafe, Mocha Latte, my recent discovery in Aldi, has become an obsession. It’s one of those things that makes me wake up in the morning with a biiiiiiiig smile on my face. I started with one-a-day (in the morning) but I’ve completely lost it now. I’m having as many as I want in one day (thank God it’s only 10 sachets in a box). Need to put brakes on my uncontrollable likeness for the product.

Omg! the smell, the froth, the creaminess!!  

And to top it all up, got this parcel from mum yesterday…. Hooo-hoo!! It’s full of goodies for me, hubby and Mahid. I’m about to do a post on what all mum sent, so stay tuned. But for now here is a sneak peak!


So how was the weekend foryaall?

Happy Monday!!




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