Farm Fresh Daffodils


Spring is in the air. My town, Drogheda, is filled with flowers. You can see them everywhere, in the town-center, outside grocery shops, in grocery shops, in gardens and parks, outside houses and buildings. People are either selling them or buying them.

One of the most favorites of the season are Daffodils. These little yellow blossoms from heaven, spread such joy in the otherwise grey, gloomy weather of Ireland, that you can’t help but own a few.

Last week, me and hubby, drove by a Daffodil Farm. Even though it was raining, we had to pull the brakes and take a few pictures. The girl in the farm was selling fresh bunches. I think, it was like €2 a bunch or €5 for 3 bunches. Me, being a gardening newbie, and a well-groomed flower killer, stick with just one bunch.

Farm Entrance



They looked like little candy on sticks and I could just have had a bite. But thank God, they arrived home safely. We welcomed the new family members by trimming their very ends and putting them in a lovely crystal vase with some water and sugar.

Lovely Bunches

From the very next day they started blooming. And here you go!

Beauties! Standing nice and tall in my window sill


Their very sight, fills my heart with joy and my soul with utmost gratification. They are a heartwarming reminder to be satisfied and grateful for what all you have in life.

Happy Weekend! 🙂



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