Project Balcony: An Update

Project Balcony - An update.jpg

So guys, I’m slowly and gradually moving on with my Balcony Project (to know why I took up this project in the first place, please click here). I went to Ikea today and bought some basic stuff. I’ve decided to start with flooring first, moving up towards walls and railings and then finally filling it up with plants and sheds (if I need any). I’m planning to do a DIY for the statement piece in the next couple of days. So stay tuned for more updates.

Now to begin with, let me show you what I picked up from Ikea today.

A 9 Piece Floor Deck

I’m really not sure, why Ikea had a pack of 9 instead of 10; 10 would have made much more sense. But I love the price point which is almost half to that of Choice, or say Woodies etc. I think Floor Decking is a quick solution to all your life problems (since it covers up the mess pretty nicely). It gives a clean and spacious feel as well. After the floor decking, my next option: artificial grass or decorative pebbles will decide the theme of the balcony garden. So, if I go for the decorative pebbles it will have the Zen look, but if I go for the artificial grass it will have that Country garden look. So, what do you suggest?

Secondly, I bought the Wooden Crate thing which I was salivating all over for the past couple of days. Got 2 of them, since they were really tiny. But they are superb value and can be re-used for interior as well once I’m done with the whole balcony craze. So I’m excited!

I know I have one box upside down since the screws were undone and I was just checking 😛

Last thing on my list was the Lantern, which I also plan to use as a bird cage/ bird feed holder etc etc.

Loving it!

I’m planning to decide on the paint at the end, once I’ve sort whatever has to go in the balcony. Ikea has some great collection of wooden paints, which are so hard to resist.

So that’s about it so far. Let me know of any tips or suggestions you might have for me.

Until next time!







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