Magic Miracle Eraser


You guys, I was in a super creative mode on Friday. Did quite a bit of changes in the apartment; moved the cupboard, moved the chest of drawers in place of the cupboard, moved the printer table to the entryway, moved the side table in place of the printer table etc. And guess, how was I rewarded? Mahid, took a pencil from my home-office (read: dining table) and while I was busy frying eggs for the breakfast, he roasted the walls with pencil marks. Can you believe!!?

I almost died of shock. Look at this, these are not pencil marks, these are dozens of hanging ropes, reaching me, trying to strangle me to the point where I no longer exist.

Some samples of his ‘Amazing’ Artwork!!




After coming back from the trauma, I started looking for ways to get rid of pencil marks on the wall. My first idea, the eraser, was directly discouraged by hubby. He thought eraser will only smear the blackness and will make things worse. So I decided to You-tube. I got to know about a product, which is aptly named – the Magic Eraser.


This product is totally brilliant on all sort of marks on your wall. Not just pencil, but crayons, trail of scuff marks etc etc.

So what all I worked with?

  1. A pack of soft erasers  
  2. A pack of Easy Erasing Pad by Scotch Brite (both from Tesco)

To my surprise, the simple soft eraser took off the blackness really well and made the pencil marks very light. Finally, I wiped the effected area of the wall with the Magic Eraser. Just wet the blue part of the sponge with water, squeeze the excess water out, and rub the white part of the sponge on the wall. The white sponge (melamine foam) digs in and destroys stains. The material is like an extremely fine sandpaper and gets in tiny pits and grooves.

Front part
Back Part
The used sponge – see how the white dissolves

Guys, I don’t want to be talking about sponges here, but seriously, look at this product, it’s the king of all the sponges!! In fact, it’s not a sponge, it’s a ‘lifesaver’.

After Picture: My spotless wall 🙂

After using it on walls, I used it on my Fridge. You can use it for Oven stains as well. The product is nothing but Outstanding!!

Until next time!






2 thoughts on “Magic Miracle Eraser

  1. I have been using the normal sponge from Tesco for removing stains such as those made using crayons and other spills and it works great as well. Maybe this magic eraser makes the rubbing more easier. I think I should try it. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Fatima |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I thought that the normal sponge would be a bit more abrasive.. also that I was in such panick attack that I bought the first thing I got my hands on.. lolz, but next time will definitely try


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