Reflections on the week


So guys, with this blog post the first week of blogging comes to an end. I’m so excited as well as drained by the hard work gone in here. It was a looooong week, and I had my doubts about posting a blog every single day. But yeeeey! I made it to Friday without going off-track.   

I was one of those who think blogging is the easiest thing to do. Put up a few pictures from here and there, write a few lines about them, and boom! Publish. But, I was soooo wrong. It’s a real tedious process; first find the right topic for the blog, then take a picture, find the right location for the picture, come back and edit it (coming from someone who is a newbie of Photoshop), then write the content which should not be so boring, in case someone dies reading it. After publishing, starts the marketing bit; sharing on different social media sites, twitter, facebook, instagram, snapchat etc etc. And all that, with a baby standing on your head, is just not the easiest thing by any means.

But yea, I think things will be a tad bit easier once I have a planner, and have the blog topics planned ahead of time. From next week, I plan to start a series on Healthy Lifestyle and might touch a little on Parenting topics as well. I think us moms, have this natural tendency to share our mummy experiences and shove our help (read: nose) on other mums. Guys, let me know if there is anything you want me to write about. Will be my pleasure. By the way, the pic above, is just for the photo-shoot:( Will definitely be like a dream come true, if my morning tea is served on bed with flowers on the side!… hubby you listening?

And in case you’ve missed yesterday’s India vs West Indies cricket match, here’s for you DJ Bravo! 🙂

Happy Weekend!



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