5 Must-Do Activities in Nepal


Guys, I’m lucky enough to have worked for a company who believed in Employee Engagement. Outbreaks and team building activities used to be a norm trough-out the organization. In 2009, our HR excursion took place in Nepal. To be honest, I wasn’t very thrilled when I first got to know where we are going, I thought there were better places, but the three days we spent there, was the BEST time ever! The place was so beautiful, almost surreal. The memories of the trip are stuck in my head like yesterday’s.

Nepal gives you every opportunity to explore your adventurous side. But, in case you want to be super-adventurous, you can contact my company and they will keep ‘everything a secret’ from you. Right from the point we left home, to every other activity we did, we had no clue about. Hence, no time to prepare our minds.  My favorite five activities in Nepal are:

  1. Camping: So, I was confused what should go on top of my list; rafting and camping both being strong contenders. But now when I think of it, I could never get the camping experience out of my mind. It was very late at night when we got to Charaundi, where our camps were set. After making our way through the farms, we got to a place where there was sand everywhere. The night was so dark, almost blinding. I thought we are in a desert. We had some quick dinner around a bonfire and went straight to our camps. When I woke up in the morning, I could not believe my eyes. Before me, was a beautiful river flowing peacefully in front of enormously tall mountains. That scene was so unexpected, that till date, I get the adrenaline rush whenever I think about it.






2. White-Water Rafting: After having ‘sand’-wiches in breakfast, we headed for white-water rafting in the Trishuli River. We were divided in groups of 6 and alloted 3 boats with a captain in each. 3 people sat on one side and 3 on the other. The captain (at the back of the boat) used to give instructions, and tell us when to row. This is supposed to be a ‘gentle’ rafting experience, comparatively. Still we had a small mishap. One of our boats capsized, however everyone was safe and no injury occurred. The actual act of rafting was extremely fun! There were valleys of calm water and then peaks of ‘rapids’. The scenery around us was absolutely GORGEOUS. Some of the ‘daring-ones’, also swam in the calm water patches, and guess who could be so daring?Trishuli goes up to rapid 5, which is a very high tide. We were told not to fight the high rapids and not to row at all in them. Important lesson learnt here: Don’t try to control the uncontrollable, just sit back and enjoy!    




3. Jungle Safari: Our second day began with gathering at 5 o’clock in the morning and directly heading to the jungle in Chitwan. We were then squeezed in little square-ish wooden frames, tied at the back of the elephants. The trained elephants, then took us for a ride in the jungle. It was almost an hour-long ride. We get to see a Rhinosaur, deers, lots of colorful birds etc. The elephant-rider kept looking for Tigers; although, we had mixed feelings about it. I mean, being adventurous is one thing, having a wild tiger in front of you is just another.

Picture 247

Picture 242

Picture 270

Picture 286

4. Canoe Ride: Next on the list was canoe ride in Chitwan. The canoe was a long wooden boat, could accommodate up to 12 people, with a boat rower standing at the back. I had no idea that we were to encounter mammoth crocodiles lying peacefully at one side of the water. We were told that the canoe should sail in extreme quiet in front of the crocodile, lest the beast is disturbed and come after us. We were silent like a corpse after hearing that. Keeping the canoe balanced was a challenge. The canoe would tilt even if one person shifted his weight. Again a team effort!

Picture 335

Picture 333

Picture 343

Picture 329

5. Touring Mount Everest: To hike up the mountain was a little extreme for all of us, being at the minimal level of physical strength. Hence we opted for a flight to take us over the Himalayas, to the top of the Mount Everest. The best thing about the flight is that it was a small plane, we all get our window seats and got a chance to visit the cockpit and was soooo thrilled to see the controls of the plane. That was on top of the world in every which way!! You can click here to book the flight tour.

Picture 424

Picture 433

Picture 438

So guys, this was just a sneak peek in my trip to Nepal. There were definitely so many other things that we did, like visiting the Budhnath Stupa, going to the Tharu festival and shopping etc. Also, I find this really amazing website to book a tour almost like ours.

Some more photos


Picture 353



Me in Napalese Dress





In April 2015 Nepal was struck with an earthquake. Their tourism industry got a major set- back. But the place is ready for tourism now. They have built the infrastructure, transport facilities etc.The people are more than willing to welcome the tourists and provide them the best of services. Hence if you are planning to go on vacation this year, I would highly recommend you to go to Nepal.


Until next time!




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