Skincare for Dummies


A few months back, I was totally ignorant about Skincare and its products. Technically, I din’t need a Skincare 101 course, but a Skincare 000 course. I used to have a mental block looking at all those tubes and pots of creams in the shops. My Neutrogena facial wash was the only product I had for cleaning my face.

The push came, when I started my exercise routine. After coming home from an intense workout I felt the need to clean my face thoroughly (sweat and all, you know). I started with home-made skin exfoliators. Some worked brilliantly, the others completely ruined my face. I thought of going to the brand I trust since always – The Body Shop. But the problem was still the same, what to buy, what not to buy and how to apply it.

So, I started educating myself. Again my beloved Pinterest came to rescue. I got to see this picture somewhere on Pinterest.


These steps must have been written by an angel who felt sorry for skincare-dumbos like me. This picture was a ray of light in the dark, deep dungeon of my obliviousness or say naivety. It’s a complete cheat sheet, you can follow and don’t think twice about. To make my routine simple and long-lasting I deleted some steps which I think was too harsh for my chemical-free skin.


Guys, say Hi to my new friends!

To start with, my morning routine is a wee bit different then my night routine. I start with my Aloe Vera Cleanser from Body Shop, then my Rose water spray toner from Asian shop… lolz, Vitamin C Serum from Body Shop and lastly my Day Wear moisturizer from Estee Lauder.  I don’t apply the serum in the morning, since its Vitamin C and that breaks out once you go in the sun, hence loses its effectiveness. For night routine, I’m still looking for a good night time cream. Tried some samples from Estee Lauder the other day, but gosh! don’t want to go bankrupt in one go. However, they are totally stellar and if you can afford, then go for them!


I hope its helpful. If you know of any good night creams, please let me know, so that I can collect more samples (wink, wink ;))

So, that’s it for now. Till we meet again….

Keep shining!



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