Project – Balcony


I’ve always dreamt to wake up in a Garden, with bright colorful flowers and sweet fragrances around me. God has almost answered my prayers and has given me a bedroom-attached Balcony instead. So cool! isn’t it?

I’ve considered decorating this balcony so many times over the last three years, but can’t get my head wrapped around the project it. I call it the second balcony or the secondary one, since the primary balcony is attached to our living room and is visible to the outside world. Whereas, the second balcony, opens up at the back of the apartment, in the parking-lot, and can only be seen by the residents of the building, who I have no intention whatsoever to impress.

It’s a pretty standard balcony, with one long concrete wall (painted ash white) and one red brick wall which has a glass door to the bedroom; the rest is outlined by a glass railing. There is no ceiling to the balcony and the flooring, once a wooden-brown is now a wooden-green, thanks to the ever-growing moss piling up on it.


After doing days and days of research, I narrowed my choices down to two styles of balcony garden.

I was initially gravitated towards the Zen style of Balcony. Zen, is the Japanese style of interior decoration. It’s elements are very calm and green, with water flowing at the background and the yogi Budha as a statement piece. Flooring is mostly covered with pebbles and wooden tiles, no grass, but lots of green leafy plants involved. Also, its not suppose to be very flowery, but serene.

Source: Pinterest

The second style, which my sister bought my attention to, was the funky garden type. Now, this one should have lots of colors, lots of flowers, brightly-colored fences and plant pots. The picture stuck in my head is the MAC Flamingo Park…:S It’s very close to my idea of the Secret Garden, so I’m pretty much sold on this one already.

Source: Pinterest

The other day I went to Dealz, they have a new garden collection, with so many items to chose from and everything priced at EUR 1.49. Solid! Isn’t it? This goes so well with my budget limitations, since I’m not willing to spend a fortune on the balcony anyway. If I could, I would use everything recycled and feel so much better about it.

I bought this plant-pot from Dealz the other day. It’s just the cutest thing I posses in ages. Not sure what I’m going to do with it, but for now, I’ll just keep it close to my heart!



Your suggestions about my balcony project are super awaited and will be super duper appreciated 🙂

That’s it for now…. Till we meet again.








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