Celebrating His Birthday


It was hubby’s birthday yesterday. And no matter how much my dear friend Maheen pushed me to bake a cake, I just could not get my lazy self to do the honors (meanie me). But the celebration was a must. So by evening, we agreed on going out.

The choices of dining-out in Drogheda are very limited, specially when it comes to finding Halal food. After a little research on Trip Advisor and asking a close friend for suggestions, we quickly picked up the Casanova Italian & Mediterranean Restaurant. We went there a few months back with friends and totally loved it, so we decided to go there again.



The restaurant has a lovely, quiet vibe to it, kind of romantic to be exact. It was dark inside but very warm and cosy. Not an ideal food-place for kids though, however they had baby chairs and the waitress was very patient and helpful. Mahid, as always, started drumming on the table with his fork and knife, which was not going very well with the restaurants quiet ambiance. Finally, had to pull them out of his hands and gave him my mobile instead to play with. The interior was very Italian-ish; brick walls and black & white photo frames of men who resemble characters from the movie ‘Godfather’. And in case you want to be super daring, there were a few tables and chairs set outside as well. So, the choice is yours; you want to eat the food or you want the chilly breeze to eat you.



Ok, so let me tell you the best thing about the place, its FOOD. I’ll put up pictures of the mouth- watering dishes so that you can oooh and aaah on it. To start with, we ordered an appetizer; Mozeralla bread with cranberry sauce and salad on the side.

The first bite of Mozeralla bread tastes very bland to me, but just when I dipped a little of it in the Cranberry sauce it changed my whole perspective.The combination of blandness and sweetness made a world of a difference, those two paired together were like little bites from heaven. Oh! Mahid liked it so much, he hardly let us have any.


Then came the main course; Casanova Mixed Grill for hubby and Ravioli for me.

Casanova Mixed Grill was skewers of chicken and ground beef, grilled on charcoal, and served with mayo and fries. But hubby wanted to have Rice as a side, which the waitress had no problem switching. I had a bite of the grilled chicken and it was really delicious. Was not as spicy as our Pakistani BBQ food, but still had the delicious flavors of lemon and herbs.



So it doesn’t make much sense if you come to an Italian restaurant and don’t order anything Italian. Also, Mahid is a big fan of Pasta dishes, he gulps down anything with Pasta without giving it a second thought. So, the second main dish we ordered was Ravioli. Filled with spinach and cheese, with a creamy white mushroom sauce and Parmesan powder sprinkled on top. Perfect, bite-size ravioli, was truly melting-in-my- mouth delicious!


We were fully stuffed by now, but the dinner was incomplete without the dessert. Also, if you remember, I mentioned earlier in the blog, that it was hubby’s birthday and the cake-cutting was still left. So I went to the counter and ordered the Nutella Cheese Cake, also, told the waitress that it’s hubby’s birthday. Without me telling her, she asked, if she should put a candle on it. Seriously! that was so sweet of her.

In one word, Nutella Cheese Cake was stellar!  And the best part was that it was totally halal, unlike cheese cakes that you get from anywhere else (I know, because I confirmed with the chef, who happened to be Muslim). I just loved this about this place that there are so many halal options to chose from. The chef also sent us some complimentary Bakhlawa – the Mediterranean baked sweet, was just cherry on top.



Absolutely love this place. The food is to die for, the ambiance is peaceful and romantic, the price is reasonable for such good food, all in all, its quite a package. So, if you are planning to dine-out on the weekend, you know where I am sending you to. 🙂



Totally recommend it!

Casanova Italian & Mediterranean Restaurant

  • Location: 2, North Quay | The Mall, Drogheda, Ireland
  • Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/casanovarestaurantdrogheda
  • Website: http://www.casanova-drogheda.com/menu (I could only find this one, and this menu is not updated for sure)
  • Service: Excellent
  • Price: Reasonable
  • Ambiance: Quiet, romantic
  • Perfect for: Family, friends, not so fun for kids, (however they will enjoy the food).
  • Recommended dishes: Casanova Chicken, Ravioli, variety of Mediterranean sweets.
  • Deals: You can find on their facebook page.












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