My Love for Everything Henna!!

When I was a young girl, every Eid, my daadi (grandmother) used to take me to get Mehndi (henna) applied on my hands. I used to be amused by the intricate designs, the floral patterns and the delicacy of the work. For me, those girls, sitting in Meena Bazaar were real artists – incredibly dexterous, with oodles of ideas in their minds.

Long story short, I started practicing henna designs myself. I bought heaps of books of mehndi designs and searched various on internet. Initially, i used to draw the design with a pen and then trace it with mehndi. Hmm… doesn’t sound very artistic, but wth! It really boosted my confidence. Later, I started making designs straight from the mehndi cone. Below are a few pictures of my henna work from last year (my apologies for the picture quality).




If you are like me (as in, flipping through the Mehndi designs makes you happy) then you should visit these blogs Henna Lounge, Joy of Henna. Although Joy of Henna has a very traditional approach to her designs, Darcy on Henna Lounge has fused it with a lot of western touch. Anyway, both are great artists!

Last Eid, I threw a party at my place. To set the mood of Eid celebration, I decided on decorations that were trendy yet very Eastern. As usual, Pinterest came to my rescue. I got this idea of henna decorated candles – perfect for a party like this!






IMG_0445 IMG_0446

If you want more ideas on Eid party inspirations you can visit How to Live Like an Omani Princess. This blog has amazing decor inspirations!

A sneak peek into the party festivities….(and these were just appetizers! :S).


Some more henna work that I did on tea-light candles!


I did it for my sister’s pre-wedding celebrations. Tiny candles with intricate henna designs and the personalized ones with the names of the bride and groom became the center of the ‘Mehndi’ decor and looked just awe-inspiring!





I got this idea out of the blue, but seriously, now when I think about it, its a perfect decor item for any festive occasion, be it Eid, Christmas, Dewali, Halloween etc. Even for birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries or the up-coming valentines! Personalized candles with names or messages can be a unique gift or a party give-away. Well, the possibilities are endless! 🙂

So who else is a Henna fan here? Did you ever get it applied and how did it turn out?

Would love to hear from you!


3 thoughts on “My Love for Everything Henna!!

  1. Henna is amazing! I actually wrote a post on festival style recently remarking how popular henna art has become for festivals!I love your work, especially those little tea-lights, I never even realised you could do henna on things like that! I love white henna also, would love to get a design done. 🙂

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