Mickey Mouse Themed Birthday Party

So my baby turned one this December. As all other proud parents, I wanted to make this event a grand one. With no prior experience of throwing a birthday bash I ventured on looking for ideas on the internet. Pinterest i would say was a great support all along. Here in this blog I will mention some of the things that I did for the birthday party and some that I couldn’t because of the limited time I had.

Handmade backdrop

Steps to throw a great party!

First and foremost, plan the party date and location almost 2 months prior to the event. Yes, i was a little lazy in this regard or you can say was dependent on my husband’s go-ahead. Whatever the reason was, when we finally made a guest list and invited families a week before the event (yes, we were that late), most of the families refused because of their prior commitments (fair-enough). So we had to push the event a week after. But that too dint make much of a difference. Anyway, lesson learnt! We planned to throw the party at a restaurant that saved me the hassle of preparing food and focus on the party decorations.

Make a guest list and invites as early as possible. When it comes to Mickey mouse themed party invites the internet is overflowing with ideas. I found some awesome free printables from CatchmyParty.com.

For the backdrop, I made buntings in color theme (red, yellow, white and black). The foil balloons of the number ‘1’ were bought from the local Woodies store. The golden color balloon went really well with the color pallet.


Mickey mouse props and a collage of pictures from Mahid’s first year added a personal touch to the cake table. Just use a cork board, twine and some paper pins to display your favorite pictures. I got Mickey Mouse themed paper plates from Woodies again but any red paper plates, red utensils and yellow napkins would look equally good.



My Photo Corner was a great hit in kids and their parents equally. The mickey mouse frame and booth props (mustache, mickey’s ear etc.) were really enjoyed. Not to forget the yellow and red medallions in the background, made by yours truly.

IMG_0018 IMG_0035



I could not get the novelty cake made because of the Christmas holidays. But the Milk Chocolate Ganache cake from the Manning Bakery was just delicious. BBQ Tonight did a really good job in catering mouth-watering Asian food!




One thing that I would have added if I had a little more time was an Autograph Section. You can also make a frame with Disney Fonts to write cute welcoming notes for the kids. I could not add birthday party games this time, but you can always include games like musical chairs, passing the pillow etc. For more mickey mouse themed party ideas  you can visit my inspiration board on Pinterest.

Mickey mouse themed goody bags – a kids’ favorite!



Life is awesome when there is cake and gifts involved 🙂


And the next day when we opened the gifts!!


Hope you enjoyed Mahid’s 1st birthday pictures. It was hard work to put it all together but nothing like watching everyone having so much fun. If you have anymore questions or would like any help organizing a birthday party, just let me know.

Who else has thrown a theme party? And what was your theme about?


7 thoughts on “Mickey Mouse Themed Birthday Party

  1. its quite appreciable that u hv considered each every aspect of ur son’s b’day party…ur guidelines are very useful n can help others. I loved ur theme n way u had presented it. All d joy n enjoyment we can see in ur pics. Great work ……

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